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Some percentage of the referral income. The referral program of the "peer2profit" service offers a unique opportunity - to rent out the excess capacity of your Internet channel and the Internet channel of your friends and acquaintances and get paid for it!


1) Refer a new host -- Send your referral link to a friend, and make sure they use it to create their listing. 2) Follow their progress -- You can track when they create their listing, host their first stay, and more. 3) Get paid -- Earn your cash reward 2-3 weeks after your friend’s first guest checks out. ** You can still use a referral code even if you are already signed up and hosting on Airbnb, as long as you haven't used a referral code for hosting thus far.


$20 for you, and $10 for your referral, when your referral signs up, connects their utility, and saves energy during #OhmHours.


Invite friends to Tibber and get NOK 500 in bonus per friend who becomes a customer. You can use the bonus on smart products that lower power consumption and provide better control at home.

Octopus Energy

Sign up using the referral link, get a quote and sign up. Once on supply your credit will be appear in your account balance.


Earn a $75 Amazon.com Gift Card* for every friend who purchases their first Casper mattress using your personal link. Plus, with your link they'll get 15% off an order with a mattress.

Grove Colllaborative

For each person you invite who places an order, you'll earn $10 and your friend will receive a free gift set.


Refer your friends to BatMaid and you'll both get bonuses.


Tu recevras une carte cadeau Amazon de 25 $ pour chaque ami qui s'inscrit à l'aide de ton lien unique et qui reçoit ensuite un devis d'assurance auto moins cher et fournit son ou ses numéros de permis de conduire pour confirmer le devis. Tes amis doivent s'inscrire avec ton lien unique pour pouvoir bénéficier de la promotion.


Order a non-technical product without a voucher and get a cashback of 2%! Important information: Please note: Premiums are only paid on net amounts and for orders and deliveries in Austria. Partial and full returns are not reimbursed.